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Dr. Ajay Darekar

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About Dr. Ajay

Ajay’s purpose is to help Students and Youths, Self-Discover themselves and identify their true potential by using his Creative Communication, Enthusiasm, Listening and Empathetic Skills.

Dr. Ajay Darekar coming from a Mumbai’s Slum background, had seen life struggle at a tender age. Being a School Topper yet failed to Select Right Career at Right Time due to lack of proper guidance made him realize the core problem of other Youths and hence just at the age of 18 (in 2004), he founded Verstaile Educaare System with only 2 students and with a game changing vision of Creating Leaders of Tomorrow.

He believes current education system is not enough to build tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs. They need to develop several skills and habits to succeed in life.

Hence, over the years, he has trained more than 10,000 students’ to self-discover themselves and achieve their Goals.

Launched Community for Youth


Versatile Youth
Empowerment Program
  • It is a platform for Youths between age 10 to 20 years.
  • This platform helps Youths to receive various Trainings
  • It provides timely Guidance to Develop their Personality and the required Mind Set and Skill Set to become Spiritual Entrepreneur.

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Best Shikshan Mitra Award from Education Minister Maharshtra State at MESTA Event

He has received Honorary Doctorate Degree in Education for his 18 years of work and dedication in Education Sector

Few prestigious awards won by him are:

  • Awarded Prestigious National Award: Dr. S. Radhakrishnan Award for Best Educationalist
  • Best Educationist at MahaUtsav 2022
  • Best Asia Iconic 2022 Award
  • Awarded for Business Guidance by Maratha Business Lobby
  • Best Shikshan Mitra Award from Education Minister Maharshtra State at MESTA Event
  •  Vocational Excellence Award from Rotary International

Best Educationist at MahaUtsav 2022

Dr. S. Radhakrishnan Award for Best Educationalist


Vocational Excellence Award from Rotary International

Best Asia Iconic 2022 Award

Dr. Ajay Darekar
  • Founder – Director, Versatile Educaare System
  • Founder – Versatile Youth Empowerment Program
  • Founder – Director, Vishwa Viva Concept Evolvers India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Founder – President, Parivartan Group (NGO for Youth Development)

► He is a Graphologist

► He is a Mind & Memory Trainer

► He is an International DMIT Counselor

► He is an International Mid-Brain Trainer

► He is a NLP Practitioner

► He is a Teacher’s Development Trainer

► He is a Student’s Development Trainer

“Instead of laying a Red Carpet for Yourself to Walk On,
Lay a Bridge and Let the Young People Walk Over To You.

AJAY'S Guru Mantra

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