From Aspiring Youth to Changemakers – This National Youth Day


       Hey there, dynamic minds of India! Dr. Ajay Darekar here, your companion on the path to empowerment for the past 20 years. You know me as the founder of Versatile Educaare System, YEP (Youth Empowerment Program), and Parivartan Foundation NGO. Today, on National Youth Day, I want to ignite a fire within you – a fire fuelled by the potent blend of ambition and social responsibility.

Forget the rat race for conventional success. Forget the pressure to fit into pre-defined moulds. This Youth Day, I urge you to embrace a different kind of entrepreneurship – social entrepreneurship. Become changemakers, not just wealth creators.

Imagine building businesses that don’t just generate profits, but also transform lives. Picture companies that address India’s pressing challenges – from education and healthcare to environmental sustainability and rural development. That’s the essence of social entrepreneurship.

It’s not about charity, it’s about innovation with a purpose. It’s about harnessing your youthful energy, your tech-savvy minds, and your boundless creativity to solve real-world problems. Remember, you don’t need a million-dollar investment to spark change. A simple idea, a dedicated team, and a passionate heart can go a long way.

Look around you. See the needs of your community, your region, your nation. Is it access to clean water? Quality education for underprivileged children? Sustainable farming practices? The opportunities are endless, waiting for your unique spark to ignite them.

Don’t be daunted by the obstacles. Remember, every changemaker started somewhere. Join hands with like-minded individuals, form your own YEP teams, and leverage the power of collaboration. Share your ideas, learn from each other, and collectively rise to the challenge.

Join our vibrant Youth Community! Visit our website and connect with a network of changemakers, mentors, and resources. Let’s learn, grow, and empower each other on this incredible journey of social entrepreneurship.

This National Youth Day, let’s rewrite the narrative. Let’s not just chase success, let’s create it – for ourselves and for the betterment of our nation. Unleash your inner changemaker, young India! The world awaits your impact.

Ready to join the movement? Visit Dr. Ajay Darekar and let’s build a brighter future, together!

With unwavering belief in your potential,

Dr. Ajay Darekar

Founder, Versatile Educaare System, YEP, and Parivartan Foundation NGO


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  1. Very true, today’s youth need to think differently act differently…

    And this responsibility is with us, how we can do our best to guide them, show them right path

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